Wedding Lace Lingerie set: wedding garter, wedding veil blindfold, choker, cuffs

Wedding, Bridal, Honeymoon Lingerie Sets

Perfect lingerie sets for both your wedding and honeymoon. Selection of Bridal Garters, Blindfolds, Cuffs, Chokers, Collars and Capes in vintage lace, pearl and crystal embellishments tied up with velvet, silk and satin ribbon!

Add a unique piece to your wedding outfit giving you something special just for you and as the evening descends dress up in one of these beautiful lingerie sets for an extra touch of romance!

Soft blush pink wedding or honeymoon lingerie set handmade!





Blush pink wedding / honeymoon lingerie set - garter, cuffs, choker, veil blindfold and skirt vintage lace pearls both handmade and bespoke!

Bridal Wedding Garter, Wedding Veil Blindfold, Cuffs, Choker and Cape £85 for the set


Delicate white and pink Wedding / Honeymoon Lingerie set Handmade!





Vintage Wedding and Honeymoon Lingerie / Nightwear - Lace satin Collar + vintage nightie and dressing gown
Vintage Wedding and Honeymoon Lingerie / Nightwear – Lace satin Collar + vintage nightie and dressing gown




Garter, Glove and Veil blindfold lingerie wedding / honeymoon set bespoke and handmade.

 Bridal Garter, Veil Blindfold and Glove £55 for the set

Satin Lace Pink Collar with Rosebud detail £25


Soft Peach Lace Handmade Wedding Day / Honeymoon Lingerie Set!


Peach lace and grey velvet wedding lingerie set - garter / cuffs / choker / blue satin vintage knickers / blue chiffon dressing gown


Soft peach lace and grey velvet ribbon wedding garter - wedding / bridal lingerie


Peach lace collar and blindfold veil velvet ribbon


Bridal Choker, Cuffs and Garter for both your Wedding Day and Honeymoon £45



Vintage cream pearl wedding / honeymoon lingerie set handmade!



Lace and pearl wedding / honeymoon lingerie set - garter, veil blindfold and skirt handmade bespoke


Bridal Garter, Veil Blindfold, Cuffs and Collar £80 for the set


White lace pearl wedding / honeymoon lingerie set handmade!




Wedding/honeymoon lingerie set lace and pearl garter, cuffs, skirt

Bridal Skirt, Cuffs and Garter £75 for the set


Beautiful designer wedding jewellery @lisamariejewls on Instagram!

Soft Blush Pink lace Wedding / Honeymoon handmade set embellished with pink glass beads!



Vintage lace wedding + honeymoon veil / blindfold / hidemenot





Bralette, Garter and Hide me Not Veil £80 for the set!


Black Vintage Lace soft grey silk ribbon – Handmade Honeymoon Lingerie set

Black vintage lace / silk grey ribbon honeymoon bralette and cuffs - honeymoon lingerie set

Black vintage lace honeymoon veil / blindfold, bralette, cuffs and garter - honeymoon lingerie set


Bralette, Garter, Cuffs and Hide me Not Veil – £80 for the set!


Red and Black Velvet Fringe handmade Honeymoon Lingerie set embellished with black beads velvet ribbon!

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Red/black velvet fringe honeymoon lingerie set - glove, garter, blindfold veil

Glove, Garter and Blindfold Hide me Not Veil – £60 for the set!



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